A bareboat charter on Moreton bay is a unique sailing holiday designed for either families or a small group of friends.

A bareboat charter is bare of crew but fully equipped to sail, lodge and cook for two to ten people. Not surprisingly, you must meet certain qualifications before your allowed to sail away with our catamaran! We require you to fill out a sailing resume to demonstrate your ability to handle the yacht, the weather conditions and the various systems aboard. We’ll also need to see a physical demonstration of your skills upon arrival.

In practical terms, you should have a reasonable amount of recent coastal cruising experience in a yacht more than 25 foot long (this need not be a boat you own however). For lesser experienced customers, we can provide a sailing assistant for part of your charter. This removes the responsibility and stress away from your shoulders and places it on the skipper. Over the years, this approach has worked exceptionally well with guests able to relax more and enjoy their holiday around Moreton Bay.

With so many outdoor activities to keep you entertained and a vast number of secluded anchorages to explore you’ll be struggling to fit everything in. Moreton Island National park is a popular destination offering guests natural beauty at its best. Try your hand at snorkeling around the Tangalooma wrecks while feeding the fish by hand or throw the crab pots over the side and catch the evening’s entre, complementing your BBQ dinner on the back deck of Aristocat.

Heading to the southern end of Moreton, a climb up the Big Sand Hills offers views all the way across to the Pacific ocean and for those adrenalin junkies try your hand at sand tobogganing.

As an alternative, your bareboat charter might have you head south and enjoy the peaceful anchorages offered towards South Stradbroke. After an interesting sail through the winding channels along the inside of South Stradbroke, enjoy some swimming and fishing around Jumpinpin and the popular Bedrooms anchorage. A little further south, Southport offers a great anchorage where guests can take a short walk across to a patrolled surf beach, explore the popular Surfers Paradise and dine at Marina Mirage.

A bareboat charter includes: a unique sailing holiday, marine park fees, RIB dinghy, dinghy fuel , gas, 2 x paddle boards, snorkeling and sporting equipment.

3 day/2 night bareboat charter from $4,050.

4 day/3 night bareboat charter from $5,000.

5 day/4 night bareboat charter from $5,750.

6 day/5 night bareboat charter from $6,900.

For more information call Darren on 0425 183 395 or send us a message.

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